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Abortion clinics in TEXAS

Houston Women's Clinic - Abortion Provider in Houston, Texas since 1976

Boulder Abortion Clinic - Dr. Warren Hern specializing in late abortion for fetal disorders.

Houston, TX
Houston Women's Clinic
713-868-4483 | 800-646-4483

Planned Parenthood Center for Choice Ambulatory Surgical Center
713-535-2400 | 800-831-6538

Suburban Women's Clinic

Women's Medical Center of NW Houston
281-440-1796 | 800-233-0608


Boulder, CO
Boulder Abortion Clinic - Specializing in Late Abortion
303-447-1361 | 800-535-1287

Ft. Lauderdale / Tamarack, FL
Michael Benjamin, MD
954-720-7777 / 8888-808-7581

Little Rock, AR
Little Rock Family Planning Services
501-225-3836 | 800-272-2183

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